LoRaWAN® and BLE Device for Indoor Asset Tracking

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Battery Life

10 Years

Ingress Protection




LoRa Device Class

Class A

All Global ISM Bands

All Global ISM Bands

The TEKTELIC SPARROW [Enterprise Asset Tracker] is an ideal solution for locating, tracking and managing assets in difficult RF environments such as hospitals and medical facilities. This device combines the long range, low power benefits of LoRaWAN® with the universal availability and reliability of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The unit is equipped with an accelerometer to accommodate event-based start-up, minimizing unnecessary battery usage. The SPARROW is seamlessly integrated with TEKTELIC’s end-to-end IoT solution.

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Is an ideal solution for locating, tracking and managing assets in:
  •  Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  •  Retail
  •  Office Building
  •  Warehouses
  •  Manufacturing Facilities
  •  Museums and Libraries
  •  Multi-Building Campuses
  • Schools
  • 10 Year Battery Life
  • Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Functionality
  • Data Transmission via LoRaWAN and BLE
  • All Global ISM Bands
  • Small Form Factor for Diverse Deployments
  • Easily Integrated into LoRaWAN Networks
  • Internal Antenna
Operational Temperature 0°C to +60°C
Protection Rating IP30
LoRa Device Class A
Antenna Internal
RF Power 15 dBm
RF Sensitivity up to -137dBm
Battery AA LTC
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What kind of devices can the EAT detect?

The EAT can detect any nearby BLE peripheral device that is broadcasting in a standard BLE protocol. This includes BLE Beacons, smartphones, wireless headsets, wireless keyboards, etc.

What version of Bluetooth is supported?

The EAT supports BLE v5.0.

Can the EAT be discovered by other BLE devices?

Yes, the EAT can be switched into Beacon Mode with a simple configuration change. When operating in Beacon mode, the EAT broadcasts regular BLE advertisements so that it can be discovered by nearby scanning BLE devices.

What Beacon protocols are supported?

Any standard BLE advertisement protocol can be recognized by the EAT during its BLE scan. While operating in Beacon Mode, the BLE advertisement protocols supported are iBeacon (default), Eddystone UID, and Eddystone TLM.

Can the EAT be used to measure temperature?

The EAT can only measure its on-board MCU temperature. This can be used to roughly approximate the ambient temperature.