Miniature LoRaWAN® Gateway for Home and Small Office

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8 Rx / 1 Tx

Rx Sensitivity

-139.5 dBm (SF12, 293 bits/sec)


Plug and Play Operation

Tx Power

27 dBm

The adoption of IoT solutions in the home and office is driving the need for indoor access to wide area low power networks. While LoRaWAN® macro networks are being rolled out today, access is not ubiquitous. With TEKTELIC’s KONA Micro Lite Gateway users experience premier IoT connectivity with improved coverage, consistent service and reliability, regardless of their proximity to the macro LoRaWAN® network. This plug-and-play Micro Lite gateway connects directly into an existing broadband service, self-configures, and extends LoRaWAN® coverage inside the home or small office.

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  • Reduce operation and deployment costs by utilizing KONA Micro Lite IoT Gateway with existing IP backhaul.
  • Improve coverage and services resulting in increased adoption and customer satisfaction.
  • Maximize benefit to customer by enabling a wide range of additional IoT services such as home and asset monitoring, security, health and fitness.
  • Robust gateway design manufactured for quality.
  • Self-optimizing plug-n-play installation.
  • Integrated with eco-system of network servers and devices.
  • Most Global ISM Bands
  • Time Duplex 8 Rx / 1 Tx
  • Integrated Filter
  • Integrated WiFi (Optional)
  • Integrated or External LoRa Antenna
  • 27 dBm Tx Power
  • Plug-n-Play Operation
  • Factory Image For Mass Deployments
  • In-Service Updates
NXP Kinetis K64MCU-120MHz Cortex M4 Integrated 1Mb Flash and 256Kb SRAM Pre-programmed MCU for higher volume
SPI NOR Flash - up to 2 MB
Polycarbonate Enclosure
96 x 96 x 25 mm
Convection Cooled
Power Indicator
LoRa Link Indicator
WiFi Link / Traffic Indicator
ISM NA915 Band
902 - 928 MHz
ISM EU868 Band
863 - 870 MHz
ISM AU915 Band
915 - 928 MHz
ISM AS923 Band
920 - 928 MHz
Tx Power
Adjustable to 27 dBm
Rx Sensitivity
-139.5 dBm (SF12, 293 bits/sec)
Rx Noise Figure
3.0 dB
Rx Linearity
-10 dBm
Rx Dynamic Range
60 dB
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How do I update the software (BSP) on my gateway?

The software on your gateway can be easily updated using the Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) features of the Kona Network Server or OAM Server.

Can I use my own sensors with your Gateway?

Absolutely, there are thousands of instances where our customers use their own end devices and just connect them to KONA Gateways, leading to complete control and customization of your LoRaWAN® solution

What Cellular networks can I use for backhaul with your Gateways?

All of our gateways use either common Sierra Wireless Modem, Quectel modem, which are compatible with the majority of global cellular networks

Do I need to use the TEKTELIC Network Server with a TEKTELIC Gateway?

No, The TEKTELIC Gateways can be configured to operate on any Network Server to ensure that it is a versatile, highly capable Gateway and will operate on any existing Network Server you have deployed.

Can I feed data from your Gateway and Network Server into my own platform?

Absolutely, TEKTELIC Gateways can be configured to pull data into your own Network Server, Dashboards, applications and platforms, making TEKTELIC Gateways some of the industry leading LoRaWAN® hardware on the market today.