Calgary,Alberta – (BUSINESS WIRE) – TEKTELIC Communications, a premier original design manufacturer (ODM) of high-power small cell solutions for leading global telecommunications original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and service providers, has released its Wide Area Positioning System Radio Module, a custom-designed transceiver and power amplifier to be utilized as a core component of NextNav’s terrestrial positioning beacon.  NextNav’s WAPS system is a wide-area terrestrial network that provides location information to complement GPS in places where satellite-based GPS offers poor resolution, such as in urban and indoor environments.

The WAPS system, which operates in the 900 MHz spectrum allocation for mobile location monitoring services, consists of multiple transmitters that broadcast GPS-like signals to mobile devices. The TEKTELIC WAPS Radio Module accepts digital transmit data from the NextNav digital board and outputs the radio signal necessary to broadcast positioning information. At the same time, it provides a low-noise receive path to receive RF signals from other nearby beacon transmitters and delivers this digital data back to the NextNav digital board. The WAPS Radio Module resides within an outdoor enclosure where it is integrated with the digital and power supply modules that collectively comprise the WAPS beacon transmitter. TEKTELIC’s advanced digital pre-distortion solution enabled NextNav to meet the FCC’s stringent spectral mask and other requirements, making its technology uniquely suited to the WAPS transmission.

“We selected TEKTELIC to deliver our radio solution since they possess the expertise and know-how required to address our very stringent nanosecond timing and spectral mask requirements,” said Subbu Meiyappan, co-founder and vice president of hardware engineering at NextNav. “Our solution depends on a precise understanding of all of the delays within the system; TEKTELIC has the experience and technical sophistication needed to address this requirement. As an added benefit, TEKTELIC’s high efficiency PA design also resulted in lower power consumption, higher transmit power, smaller size, and reduced overall system cost. ”

“The WAPS Radio Module is yet another example of the kind of challenging, specialized components TEKTELIC is uniquely capable of designing and manufacturing for our OEM clients,” said David Tholl, CTO, TEKTELIC Communications. “As new wireless services proliferate and mobile adoption continues, we believe our ability to bring unique capabilities into the expanding and diversifying wireless market is what will demonstrate TEKTELIC’s value to the industry.”.