Certification marks offer peace of mind to your clients and end users that your product has been independently tested and it has met the required standards for safety & performance. Certification is typically achieved as part of our qualification process. The qualification activities, are typically carried out on prototypes as part of the designer verification activity. Any findings from the product qualification activity requiring corrective action are implemented before the NPI build.

Below is a high level summary of the various tasks that are involved in preparing a product for introduction into manufacturing.

Reliability Analysis

To ensure a high yield and quality of the manufactured product we generate a Standards Based Reliability Prediction Report according to the Telecordia SR-332 reliability standard. This is generated on the product candidate BOM that is intended for manufacturing. A de-rating analysis is also performed on all components based on our own industry standards based de-rating guide. This analysis ensures that adequate stress de-rating, both electrical and thermal, is present in the design.


Highly Accelerated Life Testing, HALT, is performed on a small sample of the product prototypes with a test-to-fail mindset. In case of component products such as line cards, or plug-in modules we test these units in a stand-alone operational mode on a custom test-jig that allows power and operating signals to the unit-under-test such that its functionality and performance can be monitored. The units are subjected to stress profiles including temperature, vibration, input power and combined profiles. The units are expected to fail during HALT testing and may not be recoverable for future activities.

Safety Certification

Safety certification is important to ensure your product is properly tested and compliant with applicable product safety requirements. To meet most requirements we recommend the UL-69050 qualification be performed on the product. As part of this we prepare the required safety documentation for the product, review the installation documentation, and submit units and documentation to a 3rd party agency (UL or Metlabs, for example). The safety lab requires a number of prototype units to perform certification. As many as 10 prototype units may be required.

EMC/EMI certification

We recommend that EMC/EMI certification, similar to GR-1089 including emissions and immunity testing, be performed on all products.  Additionally emissions, both conducted and radiated, for unintentional radiators to the FCC part 15B standard should be performed before the product is transferred to manufacturing. If any EMC issues are identified, for example with a power supply, we outline a plan for resolution and address the deficiency during the NPI phase.

Telecom Certification

Telecom certification tests your product and its packaging to ensure that it meets the requirements specified by Telcordia for telecom hardware. Tests will be performed according to Telcordia GR-63-CORE (NEBS). You must specify which tests are required and if the unit is to be officially certified as NEBS compliant. Our engineering team has a lot of experience in preparing products for telecom certifications and will work with you to identify the appropriate test for your product. As a minimum we recommend tests from the following sections:

  • Temperature, Humidity, and Altitude Criteria (transport & functional)
  • Equipment Handling Criteria (packaged and un-packaged drop)
  • Earthquake, Office Vibration, and Transportation Vibration

CE Mark and Environmental Compliance

The CE Mark requires compliance to RoHS2 and REACH directives from the EU. We review all components and materials used in the product and its packaging and provide certificates of compliance. Maintaining this compliance is an ongoing effort. The CE Mark also requires WEEE documentation, labeling and registration. We provide WEEE documentation for the product, and the client must register the product in the countries where is it sold. EMC and Safety certifications outlined above are also required to obtain a CE Mark..