Our engineering team has considerable expertise and experience in the development of cellular wireless products. We specialize in delivering leading edge designs from concept to production.

We follow a phased development approach to ensure that all of your requirements are met and the product is optimized for manufacturing. The major design phases include Discovery, Alpha and Beta during which the product concept is refined, a design is created, refined and improved until it is ready for manufacturing.

We always start with your requirements and work with you to identify all engineering and technical trade-offs that may need to be addressed.
During the Alpha phase we create the initial product design and architecture. To verify this initial design we build a small number of prototypes that are used for testing and evaluation. The detailed hardware design activities include:

  • Development of design documentation
  • Creation of thermal and mechanical models.
  • Schematic capture
  • PCB layout
  • FPGA development
  • Mechanical design

In parallel to the hardware design, we also create a detailed software design including:

  • Derived specification and feature documentation
  • Driver development
  • OS integration (if applicable)
  • Application development (if applicable)
  • User interface development (if applicable)

A critical part of designing a quality product is the design verification and testing (DVT). This is performed after each major iteration of the design with Alpha phase being the first. The DVT includes a fit check of all assemblies, basic and detailed electrical functionality and software and verification.

At TEKTELIC we follow a phased development approach to ensure that all of your requirements are fully met and the product is optimized for manufacturability.

If there are any deficiencies identified during Alpha phase they are correct in a subsequent Beta Phase. During the Beta phase, we addresses design issues discovered in the Alpha design and incorporate refinements proposed by your design team. The main goal of this phase is to build a small quantity of pre-production units that are functionally complete that can then be used for qualification testing as the product is prepared for manufacturing.

The Beta prototypes are typically made available for product industry qualification which may include FCC, safety, and other regulatory testing. Once the Beta phase is complete, we prepare the product for volume production in our New Product Introduction Phase. .