Our team has extensive experience in transferring products to manufacturing. We can either work with the Contract Manufacturer of your choice, or we can engage with one of our many manufacturing partners. The key advantage and value provided by TEKTELIC during NPI is the knowledge transfer required to bring up the production line and to sustain it on an on-going basis. The key activities that we take care of during a typical NPI process include:

Contract Manufacturing Selection and Ongoing Management

A strong relationship with transparent communication between design teams and the contract manufacturer is critical to ensuring a successful NPI activity. The goal of this phase is to transfer responsibility for the production of the product to the contract manufacturer.

Material Supply Chain Selection

Material supply chain establishment and ongoing management is a critical activity to ensure ongoing predictable delivery of planned production. Careful communication, planning, and management of all suppliers including PCB, mechanical (down to the screw level), and every electrical component on the Bill of Materials, must be put into place.

Test Automation

The Contract Manufacturer will require test automation to test the completed products. The test automation software we develop ensures that each unit is fully tested before it is packaged and shipped. Units that fail the test automation are debugged and re-worked such that the cause of failures can be identified and remedied.

The key advantage and value provided by TEKTELIC during NPI is the knowledge transfer required to bring up the production line and to sustain it on an on-going basis.

Debug, Re-work, and Repair of Failed Units

Any units that failed to pass through automated testing, are debugged and repaired. This critical activity is performed with the technicians of the Contract Manufacturer. This way the factory staff is trained to debug, re-work, and repair the product at the factory.

Yield Reporting

Reports are generated from the application of the Automated Testing before and after design centering. The yield reports indicate first pass yields, final yield, and document any design or manufacturing improvements that are identified in the process of NPI.

Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis

To perform a Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility analysis a small number of units are subjected to a pre-defined test a set number of times. The test results gathered from each test are then compared and their variation is measured to determine the quality of the test and unit repeatability and reproducibility. This activity is critical to ensure the testing process is consistent throughout the production process.

Statistical Process Control

Statistical process control techniques are used to manage the quality of ongoing production. It is important to note that complete design verification is not performed on each unit that is tested at the factory rather the production of each unit is verified to have been performed correctly. The design of the module has already been proven and verified by the DVT efforts during the R&D phase of the product development. The efforts performed with statistical process control will be an ongoing support activity charged on a time and material basis..