Oahu(TM) High Power LTE Small CellThe highly integrated single enclosure Oahu LTE Small Cell offers 5 to 10 Watt RMS power per antenna in transmit power, which means it can deliver impressive capacity and coverage from a very small form factor.  The solution is fully integrated with TEKTELIC’s innovative Radio and Power Amplifier technology and is available in numerous LTE frequency bands.  Moreover, we’ve successfully integrated this platform with a number of industry leading LTE protocol software stacks to ensure we have a stable and fully functional solution we can offer to our clients. 

Leveraging TEKTELIC’s innovative product development expertise the Oahu platform is ruggedized for versatile outdoor deployment as part of an existing network’s capacity enhancement strategy or as a standalone hotzone coverage solution.   A number of our clients based have used the Oahu as a starting point for their own innovative solutions.  

Oahu Platform Features and Benefits:

  • Industry leading compact form factor (8L volume)
  • 2Tx/2Rx MIMO
  • Wide support for standard IMT frequency bands
  • Wide bandwidth and multi-carrier operation (40MHz)
  • SDR architecture with high Tx power (5W RMS per antenna port)
  • High performance DPD and CFR algorithms
  • Highly integrated & configurable Base Band SoC
  • Fully integrated industry standard software stacks for LTE R8/R9
  • Ruggedized for outdoor deployment