Maui(TM) Remote Radio HeadThe distributed base station architecture reduces the physical amount of equipment that is required to provide the same amount of coverage as by a traditional ground-based base station.  Our Maui Remote Radio Head (RRH) product platform enables OEMs to reduce R&D costs, accelerate time to market and reduce their overall technology risk inherent in the development of a high power radio solution.


The Maui RRH platform is air-interface agnostic and supports versatile deployments over a wide range of environmental conditions. It can be easily interfaced with 3rd party basebands via the industry standard CPRI and OBSAI interfaces.  Moreover, to accelerate this process we’ve develop a baseband CPRI emulator that enables us to quickly interface the OAM of the RRH with that of the baseband.  The Maui RRH platform also incorporates our advanced RF Power Amplifier technology, resulting in an industry leading compact form factor, energy efficiency, and high hardware reliability.