KIPU(TM) Next Generation Small Cell PlatformTEKTELIC KIPU™ Small Cell Platform is a single board, tri-mode (3G/LTE/WiFi) base station based on the latest generation of Texas Instruments TCI6630K2L Advanced System-On-a-Chip and the AFE7500 wireless radio transceiver. The platform is an ideal building block for System Integrators and OEMs that need a complete Small Cell base station as part of their end-to-end offering.

The KIPU is highly integrated with RF, baseband, network, synchronization and power modules combined in a single unit that is size, performance and cost optimized. I ts baseband is software defined, with flexible support for UMTS and LTE operation. The RF sub-system is split in two independent 2Tx/2Rx modules capable of delivering flexible multi-protocol operation with up to 24dBm of transmit power per antenna. I t can also be easily configured to support 4Tx/4Rx 20MHz configurations with a peak throughput of up to 300Mbps in the downlink and 300Mbps in the uplink directions.