KIPU(TM) Next Generation Small Cell Platform

KIPU(TM) Next Generation Small Cell PlatformTEKTELIC KIPU™ Small Cell Platform is a single board, tri-mode (3G/LTE/WiFi) base station based on the latest generation of Texas Instruments TCI6630K2L Advanced System-On-a-Chip and the AFE7500 wireless radio transceiver. The platform is an ideal building block for System Integrators and OEMs that need a complete Small Cell base station as part of their end-to-end offering.

KIPU™ is highly integrated with RF, baseband, synchronization and power modules combined in a single unit that is size, performance and cost optimized. The baseband is software defined, with flexible support for UMTS and LTE operation. The RF sub-system is split in two independent 2Tx/2Rx modules capable of delivering flexible multi-protocol operation with up to 24dBm of transmit power per antenna port. It can also be easily configured to support 4Tx/4Rx 20MHz configurations with a peak throughput of up to 300Mbps in the downlink and 300Mbps in the uplink directions.

Oahu(TM) High Power LTE Small Cell

Oahu(TM) High Power LTE Small CellThe highly integrated single enclosure Oahu LTE Small Cell offers 5 to 10 Watt of RMS transmit power per antenna port, delivering considerable capacity and coverage from a very small form factor.  The solution is fully integrated with TEKTELIC’s innovative Radio and Power Amplifier technology and is available in numerous global LTE frequency bands.  This product platform has been successfully integrated with a number of industry leading LTE protocol stacks enabling a stable and fully functional solution we can offer to our clients.

Leveraging TEKTELIC’s innovative product development expertise the Oahu platform is rugged and built for versatile outdoor deployment as part of an existing network’s capacity enhancement strategy or as a standalone hot-zone coverage solution.   A number of our clients have used the Oahu platform as a starting point for their own innovative designs.

The Oahu eNodeB Platform comes complete with:

  • Industry leading compact form factor (8L volume)
  • 2Tx/2Rx MIMO
  • Support for numerous IMT frequency bands
  • Wide bandwidth and multi-carrier operation (40MHz)
  • SDR architecture with high Tx power (5W RMS per antenna port)
  • High performance DPD and CFR algorithms
  • Highly integrated & configurable Base Band SoC
  • Fully integrated industry standard software stacks for LTE R8/R9
  • Ruggedized for outdoor deployment

The standard Oahu eNodeB Platform can be quickly and easily modified to meet specific and custom client requirements.

Maui(TM) Remote Radio Head

TEK-platforms-MAUIThe distributed base station architecture reduces the physical amount of equipment that is required to provide the same amount of coverage as by a traditional ground-based base station.  Our Maui Remote Radio Head (RRH) product platform enables OEMs to reduce R&D costs, accelerate time to market and reduce their overall technology risk inherent in the development of a high power radio solution.

The Maui RRH platform is air-interface agnostic and supports versatile deployments over a wide range of environmental conditions. It can be easily interfaced with 3rd party basebands via the industry standard CPRI and OBSAI interfaces.  Moreover, to accelerate this process we’ve develop a baseband CPRI emulator that enables us to quickly interface the OAM of the RRH with that of a 3rd party baseband.  The Maui RRH platform incorporates our advanced RF Power Amplifier technology, resulting in an industry leading compact form factor, energy efficiency, and high quality hardware.

Power Amplifiers


TEKETLIC custom RF Power Amplifiers (PA) allow OEM Base Station, repeater and integrated PA vendors to deliver high quality solutions without the high cost of in-house PA development. These products are custom designed to support 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless technologies and interface with the OEM’s existing system. Transmit power levels range from 1W to 10W RMS for Class AB PAs, and 10W to 120W RMS for advanced PA designs supported by high performance Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD).

TEKTELIC Power Amplifiers, depending on the signal Crest Factor & Peak Average Ratio, deliver 35% – 45% module efficiency, high reliability and robust performance. The PAs support features such as input / output protection, high temperature protection, VSWR measurement, gate bias control, EEPROM data storage, monitoring & control features, loopback and test interfaces and other custom features that can be delivered upon request.

TEKTELIC Power Amplifier Features and Benefits:

  • High transmit power & high efficiency
  • Wide bandwidth and multi-carrier operation
  • Air interface agnostic (UMTS, LTE, CDMA)
  • FDD or TDD operation
  • Low memory design for use with Digital Pre-Distortion
  • Automatic gate bias optimization
  • Integrated monitoring and control features
  • High reliability & thermally robust
  • Zero tune manufacturing
  • Industry standard interfaces
  • Small form factor & and low weight